HNI 0045

The LPS Monopoly Boardgame box.

The first Monopoly: Littlest Pet Shop edition boardgame came out in 2007. It follows the classic Monopoly rules but everything is replaced by properties and merchandise in the LPS World.

It came with 6 regular sized pets; LPS Cat #138, LPS Beagle #016, LPS Iguana #029, LPS Hermit Crab #062, LPS Pig #087, and LPS Panda #089.


On the front cover of the Monopoly box, Dog #154 appears with a round top hat, accompanied by Persian #328, who carries a parasol.

The pets that appear on the game board illustrations and/or pieces are Panda #089, Beagle #016, Pig #087, Rabbit #028, Cat #032, Ferret #033, Rabbit #049, Monkey #056, Monkey #057, Cat #064, Boxer #083, Boxer #084, Skunk #085, Butterfly #093, Chihuahuah #096, Poodle #048, Mouse #030, Chick #013, Turtle #008, Frog #050, Duck #051, Parakeet #409, and Hamster #036. These illustrations were created by children's artist Prescott Hill.

Also, on the back of the box, Kitten #047 lays her paw affectionately on its friend Bulldog #046. 
HNI 0043

The pets included with the game.

Description and Pieces

PAWS & CLAWS REALITY: Buy, sell, or rent the cutest boutique properties available from Littlest Pet Shop! An adorable collection of 22 properties, all purrr-fect locations for your pet carriers or dog houses! Scoot around town with 4 transportation options. Enjoy many opportunities to play and be pampered.

Build your way to success now!

Game Contents:

  • Gameboard
  • Title Deed Cards
  • Money and Banker's Trays
  • HNI 0042

    The full assortment of the LPS Monopoly game.

    6 Littlest Pet Shop Pawns
  • 16 Catnip Cards
  • 16 Doggie Treat Cards
  • 12 Dog Houses
  • 32 Pet Carriers
  • 2 Dice
  • Instructions
  • Littlest Pet Shop figures contain a magnet.

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