Buttercream Sundae
Butters 7911


Netherland Dwarf Rabbit



Voice Actor(s)

Cathy Weseluck

Buttercream Sundae is a cute, sweet, pretty and energetic female yellow and brown bunny with dark green eyes, who first debut in Topped With Buttercream. Her owner is Aunt Christie , Youngmee 's aunt and owner of the Sweet Delights shop next door. She has become a recurring character in the series ever since her debut episode.

She appears to be very active and hyper, but also very mischievous despite her cuteness and beauty. She has a habit of saying overly sweet, hyper, and nonsensical statements, possibly from constant sugar hypes. A running gag with her in the show is whenever one of the pets say with catchphrase "What?" to her, she calmly also says "What?"


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Butter Cream Along with the Pets

In Sweet (Truck) Ride, she meets her friend Sugar Sprinkles, a sweet cat voiced by Kelly Metzger

Sometimes, she gets rid of the Biskitt Twins in the episodes, What's In The Batter? and Bakers And Fakers.


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