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Desirable is a brand new, well made LPS Series that stars a young fox, Ivy, and follows her life that is being turned upside down. Fishbowl Inc. is the creator, although not much is known about her, we can see that she is a very skilled editor and has a love for foxes


Ivy is a fox who has a terrific life, with two best friends and a boyfriend. Strange things start occurring, she finds a bottle that takes her to a magical, wooded land and meets a strange character. After that, everything starts going wrong, her boyfriend and friends turn on her, and it seems as if the world is going against her.


Desirable 1- Ivy meets the hooded pig and goes into the magical realm. We also get to know Ivy pretty well.

Desirable 2- We see Ivy's school, her friends, her boyfriend and her sssuper science teacher.

Desirable 3- Ivy's life is bashed, her friends, boyfriend and just about everyone in the episode turns against her, humiliating her and gossiping about her

Desirable 4- Ivy wakes up in the nurses office, and her blood is everywhere. She is quickly forced to go back to lunch, and there a cat comes up to her and asks if she needs anything, then walks away. Ivy's mom talks to her, and trys to make things ok.

Fishbowl Inc.

Fishbowl Inc. is a very new YouTube channel, she has just 4 videos, but which are all well made and similar in standard to SophieGTV's "LPS Popular".


Ivy - A female fox that was very pretty, popular and had everything, until episode 3 She has (had) 2 best friends, Sapphire and Autumn, which are both foxes and a boyfriend named Ethan, who is a Jaguar.

Pig - We do not know her name yet, but she seems very mysterious. She wears a dark cloak and is the one responsible for putting Ivy in the magical realm. She spy's on Ivy sometimes, and has a high, child like voice.

Ethan - Ivy's boyfriend, who is a Jaguar. He turns on her in episode 3, by pouring acid on her in science class.

Sapphire - One of Ivy's close fox friends.

Autumn - One of Ivy's close fox friends.

Ivy's Parents - A cat and a dog who appear to live and take care of Ivy.

Science Teacher - Ivy's lazy snake science teacher.

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