Littlest Pet Shop -675

LPS Dachshund #675

This Dachshund # 675 is part of the Trainin' Park set. It is rust red, with brown ears and stunning green eyes. It is in the sportiest pets series. It is a very rare pet to find, and can be bought on eBay from a range of 80 to 100 dollars.

The unique design of it makes it a popular and well known LPS.

Fan Reference

It is also featured in a LPS series as the main character (after a makeover in the 3rd episode), known as Savannah Reed or "Savvy" (her nickname). If you want to find out more vist this wikia page:! Also watch the attached video! The series is by Sophiegtv all credit goes to her!
Littlest Pet Shop Popular (Episode 1 Who's That Girl?)-010:58

Littlest Pet Shop Popular (Episode 1 Who's That Girl?)-0

LPS popular episode 1 series 1

LPS Number 675


All the littlest pet shop Dachshunds

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