The Magic Motion pets started selling sometime during the first Littlest Pet Shop generation. Several playsets were released; these contained a pet, a bed and a bottle. The pets came in small packs, each box having the first generation logo and a picture of the included figure on it. This collection was brought back to life with the release of the third generation. Now, the edition has it's own logo and each pet comes with a collectible token, that you are able to scan to the Littlest Pet Shop app. These new pets are sold as singles, having smaller amount of accessories. Or in larger playsets packed with more toys overall. They mostly come with a comb, and react to it's touch; moving and blinking.

All pets can move at least one part of their body and are attachable to some set pieces. They are made from the same material as the Tricks and Talents pets and have a much smoother structure then regular pets.


Littlest Pet Shop Magic Motion pets - first generation


Littlest Pet Shop Magic Motion Cockatoo - third generation

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