Most of the Postcard Pets are sold in small boxes including one or two accessories. When compared to the other pets, there's a lot more painting on them and they are more decorated. There were times when you could easily identify them thanks to their logo, because each toy had a picture of itself painted on it. But when the so-called "new generation" came, the sets all shared the same logo. Each pet comes with a small postcard which has the picture of a real life animal and the animal in Littlest Pet Shop form on it. But there are also cases when there's only landscape in the picture or a doll instead of an animal. All of the pets have various eye types. The reasons why some of them share the same eye type are unknown. Hasbro's also released two large playsets including 3 different pets, 6 accessories and 3 postcards.

Weight: 0.25 Pounds

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