Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest is the title of a perticular Littlest Pet Shop pets edition. The toys have their design inspired by all kinds of sweets. They may be decorated with fake frosting, sprinkles and even glitter. The pets are most likely painted with shades of pink, purple or yellow. The accessories which they come up with also resemble food and baked goods. The first ever pet from the Sweetest edition to appear in the Littlest Pet Shop TV series was Buttercream Sundae, in the episode "Topped With Buttercream." The toys also come with collectible tokens, that you can scan into the Littlest Pet Shop app. This toyline includes many blind bags, 2-packs, playsets and more.

Learn more about the products:

Littlest Pet Shop Hide & Sweet

Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Friends

Littlest Pet Shop Sweet Snackin' Pets

Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest blind bags

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