Littlest Pet Shop Magnet Pets

Littlest Pet Shop Magnet Pets


Inside the collection of Littlest Pet Shop merchandise is a handful of rumors, neat facts and trivia, and even theories to certain questions. Are they true? It is for you to decide.

The "Eye" Rumor

There was once a rumor or theory that you can identify how rare your pet is by its eye color. This, however, might be viewed in different ways.

The first theory was that Hasbro made rare pets with certain color of eyes, and the common pets with a certain color of eyes.

However, this theory could easily be proved wrong with the fact that rare pets such as Daschund #675 have commonly colored eyes. Therefore, it can be argued that the toys were not purposely made with rare eye colors to signify if the pet is rare.

The second theory is seen as a more sensible assumption. This theory states that the eye color itself is rare, creating the thought that a pet is rare. For example, Poodle #101 has purple eyes, a color not used often for eyes. This being said, the pet itself can be seen rare, but that is not always the case.

Blue and green eyes are the most commonly seen eye features, possibly followed by purple or brown. The more rare eye colors seem to be pink, orange, yellow, or a multicolored mix.

Why Littlest Pet Shops don't have Magnets

Although the date or pet number is unsure, Littlest Pet Shop merchandise discontinued placing magnets in the bottom of the pets paw because it could be seen as a choking hazard.

When the merchandise began, Hasbro used pink magnets. These ones were of great "magnetic power" and were placed carefully, as this was the beginning of the era when the pets were created with better quality. Later on, the infamous blue magnets began to be placed in the paw of a pet; no one is exactly sure why, but collectors believe it was because they were less expensive. That was a major decline in the Littlest Pet Shop manufacturing, and Hasbro decided to place holes in the bottom of the paw instead.

Rare Pets

Collectors are always trying to find rare Littlest Pet Shops, such as the Superhero Cat (which came out in Comic Con 2009, said to be the rarest), Sportiest Daschund #675, Sassiest Koala #872, and LPS Cat #027 for example.

To identify a rare pet, consider how many times you've seen it, or if it is one-of-a-kind. Pets such as Collie #1262 are especially rare; This certain pet came exclusively with the Littlest Pet Shop: Beach Friends game, and can't be found anywhere else. It also has peculiar eyes; its right eye is blue and its left eye is yellow.


Littlest Pet Shop Beach Friends. Exclusive Collie #1262 and Cat #1265

Littlest pet shop superherocat

Super hero kitty cat

It's more of a reasearching and experience skill, so pay attention to the pets you're looking for.