Ivan the Terrific
Season 4, Episode 82
LPS - S04EP04
Air date Nov 21, 2015
Directed by Joel Dickie & Steven Garcia
Episode Guide
Ivan the Terrific
Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors

Senior Day is the 82 episode of the Hasbro original series Littlest Pet Shop.


Blythe volunteers at the Sunset Siesta Retirement Village. Pepper relates how her owner's parents stayed for 3 weeks and her owner's mom used her as a towel. Penny and Russell volunteer to accompany her. An elderly woman named Lorraine (whom Blythe calls her favorite resident, in turn being nicknamed "B") at SSRV wants Blythe to meet her granddaughters. Blythe does not recognize them as the Biskit twins due to their photo being out of focus. Russell lets his dad Jerry stay with him at the pet shop.




  • Blythe: Ew!


Feautured Voice Perfromers

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