Shadowed Hearts or [Annabelle Story's] is a series from 6 episodes by Girlgreengirl, he is from a high School with a ado Girl aged 16 years's.


In the High School, a girl named: Annabelle, he have 16 years. He have a chum, Brandon, he have 17 years, Annabelle get harassment in this school, after, he running for crying in hidden. After crying, he return. He go to searching Abbie, her little adorable sister. Abbie talk with her friend, Sarah. After Sarah being mean with Abbie, Abbie leaving in Day-Care. Her Dad is a monster for her mom, Michelle. Annabelle sing a song for Sleeping her sister. After, Annabelle go to the bath-room, he need to go a shower, and he crying in her heart. Sebastion, her friend, go kissing Annabelle when Anna-Belle Sleeping with Dream's. Annabelle go to the hospital by fault of Brandon, he trying to kill Anna. The doctor go to make a breakfast for Annabelle. Her step dad hurting Annabelle and Abbie with blood. Step dad want to kill her woman for have the burningold. Sebastion talk with Annabelle, if he want to love her. He checking a paradise with flowers, and waters calm. After porting a flower, Annabelle go returned in her den, and he almost say a ghost, Sebastion is death, but he came back to life. Abbie know Sarah is mean. A grounded come down, step dad griffed her womans to DIE! Before, Sebastion kill Brandon. After say bye to Laurent, Annabelle go to sleep in her room, but, Sebastion is a ghost. Tomorrow, Annabelle go to the paradise, and he have cimetery.


Series Title's [Annabelle Story's or Shadowed Heart]

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