Stickers were key to get getting the mail order pets when they were released(Koala,Elephant,Platypus,Jaguar, and the Labradoodle).
Stickers are found inside the packages of playsets,pets,deco pets,singles,and the collector diaries.Stickers were first introduced in the forth year of LPS(2009-2010).To order to get a mail order pet,follow this guide.

1.Buy the Corrisponding diary for the offer.(In Europe you get a sheet for your stickers).

2.Find stickers in marked packages with a red cat or green paw on them(see where stickers are found above).

3.Put 8 stickers(used to be 6)inside your diary,fill the other side of the sheet,mail it,and wait 10-12 weeks for your mail order pet.