Sunil Nevla





Voice Actor(s)

Peter New

Sunil is a cyan coloured mongoose.He is a magician whose tricks sometimes go awry or mgggggggiraculously well enough to bail him out of trouble. His repertoire includes some of the classic feats of illusion such as sawing someone in half or making them disappear, though his abilities have been to be legitimate rather than ordinary sleight of hand. He is even capable of hypnosis, having once hypnotized the Biskit Sisters. He is quite skittish. In the episode Gail Break, he freaks out when a leave falls above him. He is outraged and brave when hearing the word cobra, or seeing one, though. In the same episode, Gail Break, Blythe explains that there are cobras in the store to convince him to save his friends and he goes wild by beating up pet toys and food boxes, pretending they are cobras. He's best friends with Vinnie Terrio.


. He speaks in an Indian accent, despite his actor being Canadian. 

. Sunil has blue fur and dark blue stripes on his back.

His best friend is Vinnie.

. He has a striking resemblance to the mongoose actor Sharukh.