Two Peas in a Podcast
Season 4, Episode 79
LPS - S04EP01
Air date Nov 7, 2015
Written by Guy Toubes
Directed by Joel Dickie & Steven Garcia
Episode Guide
It's the Pet Fest! Part 2
Pitch Purrfect

The Tortoise and the Heir is the twentieth episode of the Hasbro original series Littlest Pet Shop.


When Blythe ponders about her life calling, a century and a half aged Tortoise named Speedy Shellberg comes with an answer. He has a past linked to Blythe, as he comments his former owner Betty Smith resembles her. When Blythe mentions to her dad that there is a tortoise, Roger mentions that Blythe's mother had a tortoise when she was a kid, whom she named Speedy Shellberg. When Blythe protests that her mother's name is Lauren, Roger clarifies that her nickname was Betty, although he doesn't know how that was derived. When Blythe asks him "Betty... Baxter?" Roger explained that was only her name after marrying him, and that before doing so her last name was Smith. Meanwhile, the pets misinterpret that Blythe is giving them the silent treatment.



  • After the two-part season 3 finale "It's the Pet Fest!", Dallas Parker stepped down as Supervising Director and later Joel Dickie was promoted as the show's new Supervising Director.


  • Blythe: Oh no My VideoBlog.


Feautured Voice Perfromers

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