Two Peas in a Podcast
Season 4, Episode 93
Bandicam 2017-06-25 05-51-47-280
Air date Mar 26, 2016
Written by Roger Eschbacher
Directed by Joel Dickie, Steven Garcia & Mike Myhre
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Two Peas in a Podcast is the fifteenth episode of Season 4 of the Hasbro original series Littlest Pet Shop.


The pets are horrified when they believe Penny Ling will be moving away, despite trying to tell them a cruciating detail about it; elsewhere, after watching Blythe's success in vlogcasting, the Biskits try to create one of their own, but eventually get desperate.



  • This is the first episode where Blythe and Pets is shown crying.
    • Well Mrs. Twombly eating Eating onions when the smell came and made him cry.


  • Zoe: "I guess the bottom line is that we're very happy, You re not moving away, Sweetie!"
  • Russel: "We sure are..."
  • [The Pets starts crying]
  • Penny: [in tears] "Blythe, I do have one request"
  • Blythe: [Sneezes, weeps] "What's that, Penny Ling?"
  • Penny: [Sobbing] "Could you please get Mrs. Twombly to stop eating those onions?"
  • [As they cry again, Blyhte starts crying]


Feautured Voice Perfromers

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