Littlest Pet Shop -459

One of the many strange "unknown" pets that don't seem to have a record on the internet.

For most collectors, Littlest Pet Shop collection guides are something we like to use for our collecting needs. However, even the most resourceful collection guides such as Nicole's LPS blog (see link at the bottom of article) have blanks here and there, like the picture to the right. When you search the number online, it doesn't come up on images, websites, or even ebay. Where are these pets? Why do they seem...unexisting?


Many collectors have guesses and theories to what these mystery pets are, whether they might have been McDonald's toys or other merchandise. Pictures of LPS food-safe silicone molds with the "missing numbers" show up in search results, such as this:

Some pets may not have been assigned these numbers, and some weren't assigned numbers at all.

Littlest Pet Shop Pig Push Mold Food Safe Silicone #459 Chocolate Topper Wax

Is this one of the missing pets we can't find? LPS #459 is currently "unknown," but maybe it is one of the many strange silicone icons on ebay.

Help us out!

If you happen to know any "unknown" pets that have numbers but possibly aren't posted online, leave a comment, post a picture, and show us the number!

Know something we don't? Leave a comment!

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