FeatherWish LPS

aka Hannah

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  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on March 22
  • My occupation is Littlest Pet Shop Collector, digital artist, pianist
  • I am Female
  • FeatherWish LPS

    If any of you are still alive out there, do you have a dA account? I'd love to watch you there! ^^

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  • FeatherWish LPS

    Too much work... D: Well, I'll have to get it done some time!

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  • FeatherWish LPS

    I've been listening to Carrie Underwood's song "There's a place for us." It gets me every time.

    Each time I see me with my lps'ers, being myself in a world where teenagers like me live and laugh and no one is there to set rules, and we can go anywhere in the world; you know, a perfect earth.

    Where all the Littlest Pet Shops are there, and they talk, they aren't just talking through imagination.

    That place is where I can be the little girl I am in my heart, where no one laughs at me and cuts that judging knife through my soul, where there are no shadows, no rich girls, no pushing, no hitting, no fighting, no bullying. Where lowly, less-than-a-someone kind of girls like me are loved and appreciated!

    We are made for so much more!

    We can be the kin…

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  • FeatherWish LPS

    So, not that anybody is reading this, but I find this wikia to be 99% inactive, the 1% being me. Ever since Hasbro has begun the new generation of Littlest Pet Shops, which has greatly disgraced my life and right out insults me, this page isn't very active. lol, I'm feeling lonely.

    If you want to help me make this active, please comment, or contact me on deviantART under FeatherWishMLP. 

    Thank you!

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